How to Check Your Vehicles VIN Number

How to Check Your Vehicles VIN Number

The VIN number is one of the most important details you can ever find on a vehicle.  The VIN number may look like an ordinary combination of characters to an untrained pair of eyes, but there is more to these numbers than met the eyes. If you want to get more details about the Vin number, all you have to do is to use Vin number lookup tools, which is available free of charge online.  The tool will break down the series of characters and tell you what they all stand for.  Some of the details you can get about a vehicle from the VIN number are highlighted below:

  • It tracks recalls
  • It tracks registration
  • It tracks warranty claims
  • It tracks insurance coverage

Where to find it

You need to get the VIN number before you can get the above details about the vehicle.  You can find the VIN number on most passenger cars on the driver’s side of the dashboard. The VIN number can be best found by looking through the windshield from outside of the car.  Furthermore, you can check the door pillar at the driver’s side for the VIN number. This can be checked by opening the door of the car and then look around the area you find the latches of the door.  After which you can type the number into the Vin number lookup tool online to get adequate information about the car.

vin number

If you want to check the VIN number on a motorcycle, you can check the steering neck under the handlebars. Sometimes, it can also be seen on the frame close to the motor or on the motor of the motorcycle.

To check the VIN number on a semitrailer, you can check the left side of the front part of the semitrailer.  It can equally be found on the liability insurance documents or the title of the vehicle if you cannot find it in any of the places mentioned above.

Easy online check

Different cars have different VIN numbers. This simply means that a vin number lookup tool will reveal different details for different cars; it should not be surprising considering the fact that different cars will have different history and details. Aside from the details mentioned above, you can also get certain company details about the vehicle using the Vin number, like the date the car was made, its make and brand and so on. Many of the tools for checking the VIN number are free, but some other tools may cost you some money.