Different Ways Where You Can Add Cinematherapy To Your Wellness Plan

Different Ways Where You Can Add Cinematherapy To Your Wellness Plan

We have always known that watching movies gives us a different level of relaxation. In fact, it can make us feel a lot of things – happy, sad, angry, inspired, thrilled, loved, and so on. This would always depend on the type of movie that we watch. But did you know that watching movies has a therapeutic effect on our lives? Yes, you read it right! Might sound unrealistic, but experts believe that watching movies can definitely make a person feel a lot better.

This is what we call, Cinematherapy:

Cinematherapy or “Movie Therapy” is a form of therapy that uses movies whether watching in movie theaters or online streaming sites like 123movies online, specifical videos as effective tools to boost self-insight, growth, and most importantly, healing. Many therapists have incorporated cinematherapy to a lot of their patients’ wellness plan. The goal of this therapy is for the person to step out of their ‘personal bubble’ and mentally travel into a different world where they can relate with the story and the characters of the movie. So here are 5 important ways where you can include movie therapy into your wellness plan:

  • Get Your Creative Juices Flowing. If you feel drained and you cannot think of any ideas for the projects that you are doing, or maybe you feel stressed with all the deadlines, take time off and watch a movie or two.  Do not let your stress take over. Give your mind a break. If you watch a movie, this takes you out of your current situation and free your mind with all the things that you are surely overthinking.
  • Relieves Anxiety. Stress can lead to anxiety. You need to pull yourself out of your head when this starts to creep in. to do that, many of us watch movies of our favorite genre. Experts suggest watching films where it shows characters going on vacation to the beach or out of the country. If you watch these movies, it helps desensitize your fears. All you have to do is go to online movie streaming sites like 123movies online and find vacation-plotted movies that you can watch.

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  • Universalize Your Emotions. Sometimes when you are depressed, you feel lonely and isolated. This is a common feeling for individuals with this kind of problems. To help you universalize your emotions as well as to encourage self-compassion, watch movies that you can relate to. But be mindful when choosing the film because there are movies that might make you feel worse.
  • Build Your Self-Confidence. If you lack self-confidence and face huge responsibilities like speaking in front of a huge crowd, there are movies where you can get inspiration from. You can search the internet for these type of movies that can help boost your self-confidence.
  • Reduce Physical Pain. Did you ever think that movies can help alleviate physical pain? If you are recovering from surgery or you are struggling with arthritis pain, watch a funny movie. As an old adage says, ‘Laughter is the best medicine.’ This is true because humor therapy can help relieve the sting of pain and can make you feel happy and forget about the pain.

Believe it or not, all of these benefits are true. If you feel a bit stressed or uninspired with your projects or whatever plans you have in life, give cinematherapy a try and you will be surprised how effective they are. Movies are miracle workers but you have to remember that they are NOT curative. They can help make you feel a bit better in different aspects of your life, but this should not be used as an alternative to your sessions with your therapist. If you think you need more help, talk to your therapist as soon as possible.