Here is the NFR Standings!!

Here is the NFR Standings!!

61st National Finals Rodeo is going to happen from 5th December for ten days at Thomas and Mark Center, Las Vegas. The world-acclaimed sports event is the season-ending event which is organised by the Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association. It is conducted annually and it is widely known as the Super Bowl of Rodeo. The championship consists of various events including Bareback Riding, Steer Wrestling, Saddle Bronc Riding, Team Roping, Tie-down Roping, Bull Riding, and Barrel Racing. There are some sub-events are also conducted like Junior NFR and the Miss Rodeo America. Every event is enriched with topmost sportsmen in the particular event and NFR fans are eager to watch their performance. The present NFR standings is keenly observed by the experts and spectators.

Here is it!!

According to the PRCA world standings of Rodeo, Stetson Wrightfrom Milford is in the top list with an earnings of $182,999.49 in All Round Performance. Stetson Wright is followed by Clay Smith of Broken Bow with an earnings of $161,363.88 and Caleb Smidt of Bellville with $145,189.73 earnings. NFR all-round performance standings stay with Trevor Brazile and followed by Law Tuff at the top positions. When the individual events are analysed, here is the present NFR standings with the features of the event.

Bareback Riding

The most dangerous event even though it is just like horse riding. The rider must stay on the back of an agitated horse as long as possible and he/she will be the winner. The current standings in the event shows Clayton Biglow bags the top bareback cowboy position with $181,952.17 earnings and closely followed by KayceeField with $176,205.08.

Steer wrestling

It is a game of rapid action and strength of the rider. The steer is released to the arena and the rider enters the arena on horseback. Being at the horseback, the rider has to hold the steer to stop the timer. The quicker will win the competition. Ty Erickson is in the top lead with $146,080.84 earnings.

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Team Roping (Header)

Team event to tie down the steer. The header will be responsible to tie up the head and healer is responsible to tie up the feet. The current standings shows clay smith is at the top with $145,866.03.

Team Roping (Heelers)

According to NFR ratings,Junior Nogueira is in the top list at $115,774.66.

Saddle Bronc Riding

It is the technical part of the event, as the rider has to ride the bucking horse for at least 8 seconds, control it and gear with the correct balance. Ryder Wright and Zake Thurston hold the top positions.

Tie-down Roping

The rider has to dismount from the horseback and has to tie up the calf. Caleb Smidt is in the top rank with$131,899.95 standings.

Bull Riding

The most popular event in the championship and the rider has to stay on the bull as long as possible. Sage Kimzey with $245,454.70 standings at the highest rank and has a challenge from Wainwright Stampede.

This is the current standings and everyone is expecting a big competition from the riders.