Vital tips in order to get better sleep

Vital tips in order to get better sleep

Today, in this article we are going to share some vital tips to get a sound sleep. If you want to know about PQQ, see it here.

Maintain regular sleep schedules                   

If the cycle of sleep follows an ultradian rhythm, our biological clock is set to a circadian rhythm (of about a day). And the sleep / wake rhythm it coordinates is no exception. Even though our biological clock is not the only factor to consider in our sleep needs, this is an important point.If you are facing problem maintaining your sleep schedule because of stress, then consider using PQQ. PQQ does the amazing job of reducing the stress hormone, which will help you to maintain the sleep schedule.If you want to know about PQQ, see it here.

Always go to bed in time. If you go to sleep in time, our body gets a full night’s sleep and a perfect sleep schedule is also maintained. Be prepared to go to bed quickly so that a perfect sleep schedule is maintained. If you go to bed in time every day, your sleep schedule will be in order.

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Avoid light screens to find sleep

Have you heard about blue light recently? With all the LED screens around us, no wonder.

In the evening, many of us lay our eyes in front of smartphones. The problem is that these wonderful devices emit a lot of blue light (called blue-turquoise).

This light stimulates our biological clock and inhibits our natural secretion of melatonin, the hormone of the night.

Consequence: our body records that it must delay our time to fall asleep without us even realizing it. Not great to start the night … Not to mention that in addition to its blue light, the use of your smartphone usually activates your centers of enlightenment.

The easiest way to find sleep easily? Ban the use of screens a big half-hour before going to bed.

Avoid coffee at the end of the day

There are people whom coffee prevents from sleeping. But even though we know that everyone’s sensitivity to caffeine varies, many people do not know that once you’re asleep, caffeine continues to impact the quality of your sleep.

To find sleep naturally and quickly, avoid caffeine in any case. Forget nicotine and vitamin C in the evening. And since caffeine remains “active” 5 to 6 hours in the body, you have to stop drinking coffee 5 hours before going to sleep. Not to mention that its effects are cumulative. It is advisable not to consume more than 3 cup of coffees a day.